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Profile 7 Icons, Indonesian Girl Band

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7 Icons
Jakarta , October 28, 2010


7 Icons known as a music group / girlband Indonesia which was formed on October 28, 2010. With seven of the personnel PJ, Natly, Linzy, Vanilla, Mezty, GC, and A.Tee, they brought the concept of music and dance in their performance. They called their fans as Iconia, and "We are the Icons ...!" is the slogan that they always use the Iconia well as encouragement at every opportunity.

Name Icons 7 was chosen because the number seven is a perfect number as well as having meaning and purpose for them, while the "Icons" means the pioneer / icon / mark. Thus, this group contains seven pioneer women who represent the many-character, and concluded that it means they all have a goal to become icons in any form.

7 Icons of friendship formed between the three cities of Surabaya (A.Tee, Vanilla, PJ, Natly) , Jakarta (Linzy was born in Singkawang, and GC who was born in Malang) and Bandung (Mezty). Initially, seven women from different cities are friends because of the similarity of their profession and its affiliated mutual.

PJ is a model, presenter, and fashion designer. A.Tee is a model, and fashion designer. While Natly is a dancer and fashion designer, like the others. Vanilla is a model. GC works as an English teacher, but also a model. Linzy also a model. and lastly, Mezty is a model who also works as a DJ (Disc Jockey).

Angela Tee (A.Tee) who initially had the idea to make Girlband. The others agreed and decided to move to Jakarta and bought an apartment which became their base camp. Although still fairly young, but they have to live independently. United and wander in Jakarta, 7 Icons lived seven in a small apartment, and through the ups and downs together. At the beginning of their careers, 7 Icons financial crisis and had to eat one egg divided by seven points.

Journey to find a record label willing to take them is not easy. They also have several times rejected. But 7 Icons will never give up and believe "GIRL POWER" in them. 7 Icons and fulfill all their dreams through their performance in dance, fashion, and songs. This time too, although they still had a busy designing clothes for their show.

With songs titled Playboy creation Dewiq the lyrics using the two languages, 7 Icons kicked off and became a pioneer birth-gilrband other girlband in the country music world. The first single debut 7 Icons released in April 2011 this type dance music - music electronica electropop and alloys which the arrangement by DJ Sumantri .

This band later on the rise in Indonesia music scene in 2011 after playing in the soap opera drama GO GO GIRLS are aired every Monday in Trans. Debut single, Playboy was used as the soundtrack of the film.

7 Icons bodes era musical group or girlband returned victorious in the homeland after a long absence. To the reciprocal of the interest of fans, 7 Icons finally released the album titled Mini loveable , with their second single Jealous.

So phenomenal girlband this one, a parody vocal group, SM # SH ( smosh ) had come to change its name to 7 Ikans while parodying 7 Icons .

A.Tee (Angela Tee)
Icon boyish
Surabaya, 28 September 1990 (age 21)

Linzy (Linda Kumala Sari)
feminine Icon
Singkawang, March 11, 1991 (age 20)

PJ (Novita Sari Diamond Princess Maya)
Cute Icon
Surabaya , 1 November 1989 (age 22)

Vanilla (Vani Lauw)
Elegant Icon
Surabaya, 7 September 1988 (age 23)

Mezty (Meistika Senichaksana)
Sexy Icon
Bandung, 22 April 1989 (age 22)

Gc (Grace Fransin Wohangara)
Mysterious Icon
 Malang, June 23, 1989 (age 22)

Natly (Nathalia Shasanti)
Natural Icon
Surabaya, December 18, 1988 (age 23)

Album Mini
Loveable (2011)

Album debut 

Playboy (2011)
Jealous (2011)
Penjaga Hati (2011)
Bidadari (2011)
Tahan Cinta (2011)

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